31-08-2017 transscreen
31-08-2017 transscreen
woensdag 13 september • Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam

Transcreen 2017: Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival

TranScreen: Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival is a multi-day film festival with international films about transgender and/or gender diversity.

We screen a mix of films from all over the world; feature films, shorts, mainstream, experimental, professional and community films, and showcase an art program with video and other art forms. Our aim is to increase (awareness of) gender diversity, visibility, acceptance and empowerment of trans* and gender diverse people. In doing so we bring different communities together, challenge normative gender perspectives and investigate intersectionality with the purpose of joining forces and helping each other fight oppressions.

For more information please check transcreen.org.

maandag 27 november • Miss Black Hair NL, Amsterdam

Kennismakingscursus Politiek voor Vrouwen

Voor Amsterdamse vrouwen: kennismakingscursus politiek op 27 november, 4 december en 11 december. • Verder