Stepping out of the grey: a critical self-reflection of a feminist

06-06-2023 Demonstratie
06-06-2023 Demonstratie
Janna Visser (redacteur)

A critical self-reflection of a feminist who wants to raise her voice more often. It is comfortable to stay in the grey middle ground, but that is not going to bring us the transformative change we need in our societies. It is time for loud and clear voices. It is time for change.

In a world that is polarised more than ever, it is tempting getting lost in the grey middle ground. In this digital age, where expressing our thoughts and opinions is as effortless as making ourselves a cup of tea, we sometimes lose connection with what is really important. Our voices get overshadowed so easily, that I sometimes do not know where to find or how to articulate my own voice. You are either loud and clear in favour or against, raising your voice at demonstrations, but you are certainly not bringing nuance or searching for common grounds in the heat of a (good) fight. 

While the world around us is being portrayed as a dichotomy more and more, and the topics I care deeply about become politicised more and more (the personal is political after all, as the second-wave feminism has taught us), I often find myself in the grey middle ground. In other words, the silent majority. Despite often having a clear opinion and considering myself as both feminist and activist, I tend to only speak up in my vicinity. I endlessly conduct research and read up. I try to search for common grounds and mutual understanding. I am a strong believer of continuous dialogue. However, it’s time to acknowledge that choosing to stay in the grey middle ground is a privileged position after all.  

This letter is my personal commitment to my fellow feminists who are out there, loud and clear. I commit to stand up for intersectional feminism more. To raise my voice for equal rights for all, especially in places where voices are gagged to shut up (sometimes even literally). To fight for opening up spaces for others to speak up too. However, it is also a commitment to myself. To find my own ways of ‘speaking up’: to write, to conduct research, to facilitate dialogue, to keep searching for connections and common grounds. But in the future more often than before, you will also find me raising my voice at public places. In favour of equality, inclusivity and justice, without any nuance. Will you join me?

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