redactie • 16 jan 2014

The Shriver Report is een door Is Beyoncé's Shriver Report essay feminist enough for you?’ staat vandaag centraal in LOVER’s Uitgelicht.

‘Feminism is a little like film theory, in that I can argue that James Cameron is a feminist filmmaker in much the same way someone once posited that Edward Scissorhands is, in fact, a Western. Is it "feminist" to write a few hundred words designed to inspire people to action? My instinct is "yes", but your mileage may vary. There are a number of things rotten in the state of mainstream feminism as of early 2014, but the persistent click-bait questioning of high-profile women's personal brands of feminism has to be one of the most unhelpful. And, for whatever reason (could it possibly be to do with a less-than-sophisticated grasp of white power structures?), the white/mainstream feminist dialogue loves nothing more than to have a crack at Beyoncé's feminism.’ – Clem Bastow

De complete bijdrage van Beyoncé aan The Shriver Report is hier te lezen.

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